Required Bombardier Global Flap Inspections 

New Transport Canada Airworthiness Directive released all Globals

This past June, Transport Canada released an Airworthiness Directive CF-2020-49R1 to identify  and address corrosion issues with Global wing flaps. This directive mandates that all Global aircraft undergo a flap inspection during any regular maintenance inspection window. Similarly, Bombardier has also issued a service bulletin highlighting that all six (6) flaps require an inspection to check for drainage issues and repair corrosion issues if needed.


Bombardier Global 60, 120, and 240-month inspections

Flap inspection is now required on all 60, 120, and, 240-month inspections and should also be considered highly advisable on any pre-purchase aircraft inspection.


In-House Expertise and Tooling

Due to the high cost of tooling, many aircraft maintenance service centers opt to outsource flap repairs to third parties. Skyservice however conducts all flap inspections and repairs in-house. We have made significant investments in tooling and have the expertise in-house to identify and repair any flap corrosion issues. We are proud to provide our current and future customers a cost-effective, one-stop-shop solution. Since Skyservice can inspect and repair the flaps in-house, we can minimize your aircraft's downtime and reduce the repair costs.  

Bombardier ASF

Skyservice Maintenance:

  • 35 years experience
  • Bombardier Authorized Service Facility 
  • In-house tooling & certified Bombardier mechanics
  • Maintenance is available across Canada - Calgary, Toronto, Muskoka, and Montreal.
  • Approved AMO by TCCA, FAA, BDCA, HK-CAD, 2-REG, Aruba, CAAS and EASA